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General Papers

Implementation of Lower & Upper Symmetric Gauss Seidel (LU-SGS) Solver in OpenFOAM
Shumian Zhao, Jonas Schmidt, Cherif Mihoubi, Joachim Peinke
Development of an improved source term model for vortex generator arrays
Liesbeth Florentie
Towards an Implementation of the Overlapping Grid Method in OpenFOAM
Julia Kasper, Cherif Mihoubi, Bernhard Stoevesandt, Joachim Peinke
OpenFOAM: an HPC perspective. Parallel aspects and enabling on massively parallel architectures
Ivan Spisso
Evaluation of Mesh Deformation Strategies for Extreme-Scale Flexible Wind Turbines
Quon Eliot
A computational study of large and detached eddy simulations of separated flow over complex terrain
Ramesh Balakrishnan
3D Wind Turbine Simulations Over a Wavy Sea
Peter R. Eiseman
Utilizing the Fastest Supercomputer with OpenFOAM to Handle Wind Resource Assessment and Micro-Sitting Project
Jun Li
WRF and OpenFOAM Advanced Coupling Techniques To Reduce Wind Resource Assessment Uncertainties
Nick Daniil

Atmospheric Flows

RANS Simulations of Askervein hill with OpenFOAM
Giorgio Crasto, Francesco Paraggio
Wind farm site assessment with OpenFOAM
Carlos Peralta
Atmospheric Boundary Layer Simulation with Thermal Stratification in OpenFOAM
Björn Fabritius, Pedro Pinto Rebelo
Comparison between experimental and Large-Eddy Simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer using geometrical representation of the roughness and a digital filter inlet technique PDF ()
Stefano Giappino, Catherine Gorlé, Luca Amerio, David Koti, Paolo Schito, Alberto Zasso

Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Wakes

Wind shear effect on aerodynamic performance of wind turbine
Saman Tarbiat, Carlos Guedes Soares
On the noise prediction of a beveled plate using different acoustic analogies
Wouter van der Velden
Hamid Rahimi
Towards the Implementation of an Optimization Tool for Rotor Blades based on the Adjoint Method in OpenFOAM
Vorspel Lena
Large Scale Smart Wind Turbine Blades and Fluid Structure Interaction
Thijs Gillebaart
Numerical Modelling of Wind Turbine Wakes in Wind-Farms
Oxana Agafonova, Ashvinkumar Chaudhari, Heikki Haario, Antti Hellsten
Full rotor CFD simulations of the MEXICO wind turbine including the nacelle in OpenFOAM
Nikolaos Stergiannis
Validation of 3D unsteady aerodynamic experiment and propeller-stator interaction of horizontal axis downwind rotor turbine using CFD code OpenFOAM
Faraz Habib

Vertical Axis Wind turbines

The simulation of Individual Pitch Controlled VAWTs with OpenFOAM
Benoit Paillard
Dynamic lenght-scale resolution RANS/LES model applied to the simulation of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Andrea Montorfano, Federico Piscaglia, Angelo Onorati
Development of the Actuator Line model for aerodynamics numerical simulations of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines.
Michael Caglioni, Paolo Schito, Alberto Zasso, Luca Bernini, Ilmas Bayati
Parametric study of aspect ratio of a two bucket Savonius Wind turbine
gianluigi ferrari, davide federici, paolo schito
Complete 2D analysis and Overlap optimization of semicircular two-bucket Savonius wind rotor
Davide Federici, Gianluigi Ferrari, Paolo Schito
Parametric study of interaction between multiple 2D Savonius wind turbines
Davide Federici, Gianluigi Ferrari, Paolo Schito

Site Assessment and Wind Plant Aerodynamics

Forensic CFD Analysis Using a Hybrid RANS-LES Method on Operational Parks Experiencing Negative Wind Shear
Gregory S Oxley
Modification of inlet boundary conditions to improve the accuracy of CFD simulations for wind farm site assessment
Chang Chi-Yao
Microscale simulations driven by the geostrophic forcing provided by a mesoscale model
Chang Chi-Yao

Offshore Wind Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics

Numerical modeling of wind conditions in harbor areas: application to coastal structures
Javier Lara, Gabriel Barajas, Inigo J. Losada, Francisco F. Jaime, Pablo Higuera, Maria Maza
Level of applicability of the three-dimensional numerical two-phase flow solver IHfoam at different water depths
Gonzalo Diz-Lois
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