The program for this conference is available via the following link.
Day by day program

Plenary speakers

Wil Schilders: "Challenges in Computational and Data Science" (Video)

Giuseppe Toscani: "Kinetic Models in Socio-Economic Sciences"

Paola Antonietti (winner of the SIMAI 2015 Prize): "High-order Discontinuous Galerkin methods for seismic wave propagation problems" (Video)

Annalisa Buffa: "Tools for spline-based methods" (Video)

Andrea Pontremoli: "Why simulation? A CEO perspective" (Video)

Alfio Quarteroni: "Modeling the Heart Function: challenges, applications" (Video)

Lecture Rooms

All lecture rooms are located on the Bonardi Campus, very near to Piola Metro station. To know the exact location of the room go to (the link is active, just click on top of it)

select  “search for classrom” and type the name (like ROGERS, IV, G1, B55 etc) in the “Code” field (“Sigla” if you are using the Italian interface). Click on “See details” and you will get a page with the full information and also a printable map.

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